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13 January 2009 @ 03:04 pm
cigarette kisses  
title: cigarette kisses
pairing: ryo/shige
rating: pg
count: 193 words

cigarette kisses.

You find him out on the porch, under eaves that drip with leaf litter and dusty raindrops.

He is smoking a cigarette with the ends crumpled and torn - a fashionable thing in America he says - nevermind that it is terrible for both your pocket and your health.

His breath too, you think wryly as he steps on the smouldering embers of his finished cigarette to press a kiss to the corner of your mouth.

You pull away, wrinkling your nose at the fresh, sharp smell of tobacco. You smell, you tell him.

Instead of taking offence, he laughs and flicks your nose gently. But you like it, he makes you admit, it's my smell and you like it.

Then he kisses you again, this time full on the mouth.

You can't help yourself when he does that - turning gooey like you've never wanted to, literally putty in his hands - and you end up agreeing with him.

(It works time and time again and sometimes annoys you enough for you to protest but then he kisses you again and you find that you've forgotten what you were going to say).
feeling: curious