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04 April 2008 @ 05:24 pm
please don't stop the music  
title: please don't stop the music
rating: pg-13
count: 1814 words, approx. 250 words each
nb: music meme.

please don't stop the music.

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Put iTunes or equivalent media player on random.
3. For each song that plays, write something related to the theme you picked inspired by the song. You have only the time frame of the song: no planning beforehand: you start when it starts, and no lingering afterward; once the song is over, you stop writing. (No fair skipping songs either; you have to take what comes by chance!)
4. Do 10 of these, then post.

'In That Year' - Nicholas Teo
He could remember their first performance- how could he not? It was their very first performance, their debut, after training and working hard for years.
It had been a tumultuous few years, being far away from family and friends to go to a new world. A world of shiny plastic, blinding smiles and new faces; where the world just rushed by and left him waiting in the past, still waiting for someone to come pick him up, take him home and keep him safe like his mother used to do.
The first year was the hardest. It was also the most rewarding. But the thing he could recall the most, through those blurry photos and fuzzy memories, was meeting him. It hadn't always been easy, hadn't always been just them - Fishie and Eunhyuk, Hyukjae and Donghae, EunHae - but they'd slowly grown to be friends, then best friends then - maybe something more? he wasn't quite sure - but at the moment he was glad he'd taken the time to discover who that kid with the crazy lion hair was.
In that year, Eunhyuk was the thing he remembered and knew the most.

'Neon Eonjena' - Dong Bang Shin Ki
He was such a girl.
He wore pink, he painted his nails - "Careful, Shibuyan! They're still wet! It's taken me ages to get this perfect!" - he fussed over them about nothing and everything -"Are you cold Shibuyan, are you hungry? Here, have this bento, I prepared one for everyone!" - he wore skirts like no other normal man (although really, he wasn't normal now, was he?).
And the way he turned his head to look at you, tilting it on confusion as those golden locks fall into those big, doe eyes of his, making him look oh-so damn innocent and fuckable and you could just take him then and there but then - he smiles. Oh, his smile. It made you weak at the knees and melty, so really, maybe you were the girl afterall.

'Struggle' - Nicholas Teo
Kangin knew that Eeteuk struggled - looking after twelve boys wasn't easy (especially when he never looked after himself). Men, maybe, but in age and age only. They still acted like children, all demanding to be attended to, to be fawned over, in each of their own little ways.
He knew he wasn't exempt from this- he'd had his own fair share of pouting and throwing tantrums, to get his way or to just get a little attention or something from their leader.
Kangin wanted to help, in some way - never mind if it was even only a little, if only to see Leader-sshi smile - , any way he could possible. But he always ends up making things worse, so much that he's shooed out of the kitchen as soon as he walks in - or shoos himself and just stays plain away, as he does nowadays.
So although he doesn't like it, and wants to pout and kick and scream over it, he knows it's probably just best to hug Eeteuk and try to let him know he cares because, really, he can't do anything else.

'Excuse' - Jay Chou
"You're so fucking stupid! I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!"
The words echoed dully in his ear, barely audible over the heavy rain and the roar of the plane engine. He can still remember Pi shouting at him, telling him to get out, kicking his luggage out in a fit of anger and hobbling back into his apartment - ignoring all the pleas from Jin to help him bandage up his ankle.
"I hate you!"
He thought he was doing the right thing, doing a good thing for them both - they both needed to escape the heat. He could use this experience, learn from people in America, and come back and make it all better again. He will be a better boyfriend, a better friend, a better son.
A tear rolled down his cheek, the first of many as the plane finally took off.
"I hate you!"
He'd come back, better than before, and they'd kiss and make up and-and- it would all be okay...
... wouldn't it?
"I hate you!"

'Majimak Insa'- Big Bang
It pumps through your veins, and his, and hers, and all through all those moving bodies on the dimly lit dance floor. The beat, the bass, the shots you'd consumed earlier - like the blood coursing through your veins.
You don't know why you're here, don't remember exactly - Heechul was here with you in the beginning, but he'd disappeared off with a flushed looking Hankyung as soon as the party had started.
You dance - you're not that bad, you know, despite your size, your awkwardness in general - there's nothing like six shots of soju to loosen you up.
A flash of teeth - such a bright white smile - the glint of sparkly eyes and you're entranced. You grind closer, closer-
He's hot. Smaller than you, but playful and maybe, maybe a little dangerous.
You can feel his breath on yours, as you move closer together and to the beat. The mingling body heat, trapped between you and him, trapped between others.
It's not until later, languid and tired, you discover his name -

'心迷路'- Rim
Ueda was one of those peculiar people who wore their hearts on their sleeve and yet- Koki could never tell exactly what he was feeling.
He looked sad one day- or so Koki thought he did - so he went and told him a funny story Junno had told him the other day. Only, when he was finished, Ueda had looked at him with tired irritation, pinpointed all the flaws in the story and walked off.
Maybe Ueda's sad-face meant he was angry.
He looked tired one day - or so Koki thought he did - so Koki had went and bought him a can of coffee. Ueda had looked at it puzzled, thanked him and put it away, then he'd bounded off with Jin when Jin came around the corner.
So maybe Ueda's tired-face meant he was hyper.
He'd looked pissed one day, so Koki thought he'd better avoid him, lest he make it worse like he'd been known to do.
Then all of a sudden, he'd been grabbed by the collar, shoved against a wall and kissed to within an inch of his life.
Maybe misinterpreting Ueda's looks was alright - if they all stayed the same, then Ueda should look angry all the time.

'Girls On Top'- BoA
Hankyung combed Heechul's locks absently with his fingers as Heechul lay sprawled across his lap.
"Important question."
"If it's so important, why are we whispering?"
"It's private." A smirk.
Heechul fiddled with the ends of Hankyung's scarf.
"Okay. Who d'you reckon tops?"
Hankyung bent and kissed the top of Heechul's head.
"Hankyung, duh."
"He's the man."
Heechul returned the kiss, and began to whisper things in Hankyung's ear.
"What, you think Heechul tops?"
"Well, yeah."
Hankyung turned red.
"Well, he's the girl, isn't he?"
Girls on top.
Heechul dragged Hankyung off to the bedroom.

'Ai no Uta' - John Hoon
Ryo winked.
Across the stage, it was playfully returned.
A brush of fingertips, just barely, as they passed each other in the hall.
It made him shiver, and that made Shige smile.
"I think," said Tegoshi thoughtfully as they munched on the bentos the staff had laid out for them, "That was the best performance we've ever done. Don't you think, guys?"
Massu mumbled his consent of both the gyoza and the performance.
"Must have been the song," Pi said.
Ryo smiled.

Sono egao boku ni misete.
Shige smiled.

"You should have just told me, if you really liked me that much."
Ryo snorted, but pressed a kiss to Shige's temple. "That would've been romantic."
He kissed him back, an open mouthed kiss that was as warm as it was wet.
"Like you're romantic?"
Ryo grinned, and kissed him again. "Only for you."
Shige purred and stretched out like a cat, sprawled over Ryo's lap.
"You know, we should rename it."
"... what? Didn't you like it?"
"The song of love."
"But that's so tacky!"
Shige made to protest, but Ryo silenced him with another kiss.
"We have our own tacky love song right here."

'Simple and Lovely' - m-flo ♥ Koda Kumi
It was that simple type of love, childish and innocent but- maybe not quite that much, judging by the sounds coming from their shared bedroom at night - but still, as pure and innocent as two twenty year old men could be.
It was watching Sungmin catching snowflakes on his tongue and failing miserably.
It was seeing Kyuhyun's cheeks turn red from the cold.
It was the way Sungmin's nose turned red when he had the flu, all sniffly and bundled up like the snowman outside, and complaining of being fat.
It was the way Kyuhyun was nurse him back to health, then get himself sick in the process and end up spending all of the next day in bed while Sungmin doted on him and he just slept (maybe he got sick on purpose, just to sleep in, Kangin had said, but Sungmin had stared him down with a fearsome glare. Kangin had limped off to Eeteuk with a massive bruise the size of Sungmin the next day).
It was just the way it was, just simple and sweet love.

'She Said' - KAT-TUN
"You know," he began one day when they sit and do nothing - it seems to be a very good talent of theirs lately - "My mother said to never look back."
"Oh?" Tsubasa's head was in his lap, and he was running his fingers through his wavy black locks languidly, too lazy and content to do much - or to think too hard, for that matter. "Why ever not?"
"Well, she died. And she told me, that after she dies, I should never look back and grieve."
Tackey laughed. "But she didn't say explicitly to not look back on the good things, did she?"
"Good things? Like what, exactly?" Tsubasa tried to frown at Tackey, but it didn't work very well when he looked from his position at the upside down Tackey.
"You haven't been listening to your mother, have you?" Tackey laughed again, a soft, pleasant sound. "You've looked back indeed, but only on the bad things - that's why you can't remember the good."
"What good things?" Tsubasa persisted.
"The first time we met..."
And thus began a the story of a really rather pleasant memory.